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Edizioni L'Una L'Aquila University Press

"Edizioni L'Una" publishing house was established in September 2008 by the University of L'Aquila and its Foundation, which to date are partners in its running. It's two governing bodies are the Board of Administration and the Scientific Committee which assesses the scientific quality of editorial works submitted.

The main objective of "Edizioni L’Una" is to issue published works, both in paper format and online, in the fields of teaching and scientific research, not limited, however, solely to the realm of research carried out within the University of L’Aquila, but open to both Italian and foreign institutions of higher education and to other cultural institutions operating in the same area. “Edizioni L'Una” has published numerous works contained in various series, edited by experts in their fields, which cover most of the research sectors of our University Departments.


"Edizioni L'Una" website:


How to purchase:

You can purchase volumes in bookshop locations in L'Aquila or order them through the following online bookstores: IBS.IT, UNILIBRO.IT and DEASTORE.COM.

You can also order through other online bookstores linked to the Italian publishing catalogue "Informazioni Editoriali s.r.l".

Orders may also be placed via e-mail at

Include the following information in your request: recipient's name, mailing address and number of copies.

Payment is to be made by bank transfer made out to:

“Edizioni l’Una s.r.l.” - Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Roma

IBAN IT71Q0832703602000000000803


Board of Administration 

Fabrizio Politi   President
Fabrizio Marinelli  
Luca Ottaviano    
Gianluigi Simonetti    
Claudia Ursitti    


Scientific Committee
Maurizio Biondi  
Stefano Brusaporci    
Maria Cristina Cervale    
Alessandra Continenza    
Raffaele Morabito    
Carlo Maria Scoppola    
Lucilla Spetia    
Sergio Tiberti    
Francesca Zazzeroni  

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