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Graduation / Thesis

To sit your final graduation exam you are required to:

  • be in line with tuition payments
  • have passed all required examinations for your degree course at least 15 days before the date of graduation
  • have earned all the credits indicated in your study plan


You can present your online graduation application in the following periods:

  • 1° session 2 - 15 May
  • 2° session 1 - 15 September
  • 3° session 2 - 15 January

Instructions for online graduation application (available in Italian).


Graduation fees must be paid through the PagoPA system by 30 January / 30 May / 30 September if you wish to receive your Degree Parchment on the day of graduation.


After having completed the online application procedure you must hand in the following documents to the Student Registry office 15 days before the set graduation-session date:

  • Your written application/request which requires a € 16.00 government tax-stamp; if this is sent by post it must be received and protocoled by the University 15 days before the graduation exam is to be taken
  • The title-page of your thesis or dissertation, signed also by your supervising Professor(s)
  • Registration booklet (if you have completed all required examinations)
  • AlmaLaurea questionnaire completion receipt
  • The form called "Rilascio diploma originale", if you do not wish to receive your Degree Parchment on the day of graduation; payment of shipping (€ 25.82) must be made to the university bank account IBAN IT18T0538703601000000198036.
  • Your internship register (if required)
  • A disclaimer (Liberatoria tesi di laurea per il Sistema Bibliotecario di Ateneo) for the University library


Students who are required to sit professional qualification examinations for the health sector must also present a payment receipt of related examination fees.


If you have questions regarding deadlines or need more information we suggest you contact your Student Registry office.


Please note!

If you are unable to graduate in the session applied for you must annul your online request within (and no later) 15 days of the established graduation date. You will be required to renew your online application for the next session you wish to graduate in.

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