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Centre for the Study of Transcodification

The “Centre for the Study of Transcodification”, established by D.R. no. 1027/2019, was created as part of the project “Arts, Languages and Media: Translating and Transcoding” funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research with a five-year grant to the Department of Human Studies of the University of L’Aquila as one of the “Departments of Excellence 2018/2022.”


The activities of the Centre focus on the interdisciplinary nature of “transcodification,” ranging from the translation of texts – also including the study of the manifold logic and symbolic systems underlying them – to their transposition across different art forms (from speech/writing to visual arts to new media), up to the circulation of cultural heritage over time.


The establishment of the Centre aims to foster studies relating to all forms of transcodification in its broadest sense. More specifically, the Centre’s main objectives include:

  • setting up research clusters working on internationally relevant issues;
  • fostering the collaboration with high-profile scholars from other Italian universities, as well as higher education institutions abroad;
  • encouraging the constitution of international research networks;
  • organizing scholarly conferences, seminars, and knowledge dissemination initiatives on the research activities and their outputs;
  • selecting publication submissions on topics related to the Centre’s activities.


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