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All students can request certification of their university career by filling in an appropriate form to be handed in to the Student Registry office; students may also use our online services.


Requesting your Degree Certificate

Students wishing to receive their Degree Parchment upon graduation must follow the online Virtual registry office procedure and must make a payment of € 55 + a € 16 tax-stamp for a total of € 66 in one instalment through the PagoPA system.

Students having requested a traditional Degree Certificate prior to our "Richiesta Pergamena" service will be notified by the competent Student registry office to retrieve it in person remembering to bring their ID and tax-stamp.

Only in exceptional circumstances may third parties retrieve a Degree Certificate; in such cases the person retrieving must present a signed proxy and a copy of the graduate’s ID. The proxy must clearly state that the university administration will not be held responsible in case of loss.

To have a Degree Certificate mailed to you, you must include a copy of your ID document along with a shipping payment receipt slip with your request. Please visit the corresponding page in our Italian portal for info on fees.

In case of loss, theft or damage you may present a replacement request which must include a copy of the police report stating theft/loss, or a personal written declaration stating that the original Degree Certificate was destroyed and explaining the circumstances.


Diploma Supplement

A diploma supplement is a document, drawn up in Italian and English, following European standards and models, which accompanies a diploma or degree earned by our graduates. The supplement indicates the main requirements of the curriculum completed in order to obtain the diploma or degree conferred. The aim of the supplement is to provide information allowing for a better international interpretation of the “title” (diploma, degree, certificate etc.) awarded. Thus, the supplement shall provide detailed description of the nature, level, context and content of the academic programme corresponding to the degree conferred, but is not intended as a document certifying equivalence or indicating recognition of the degree or diploma earned.

For more information contact your Student Registry office.