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Centre for Data and Document Digitization in Public Administration

Within the framework of simplifying and rationalizing university administration management, various initiatives have been taken, such as the effort to gain a complete picture of the documents and paperwork produced and managed by our administration in order to draw up a project to reorganize and digitize data and archives.

Studies carried out have highlighted the procedures having a major impact on the overall efficiency of administration on the basis of three parameters:

  • amount of paper produced
  • simplification of procedures and processes
  • repeating experience

Procedures individuated were processed and digitized using the Adobe LiveCycle suite provided within an agreement with the Ministry of Public Administration and Innovation.

This represented the first set of activities carried out by the "Centre for data and document digitization in public administration’" which is a centre of competence in data and document digitization processes for the national university system.

The urgent needs growing within our territory in the aftermath of the 6th April 2009 earthquake have given rise to collaboration with other organizations and government bodies making this Centre a reference point for all public administrations.

To find out more about the Centre consult the corresponding section of our Italian portal.