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University Students of Abruzzo

As a result of an agreement signed in 2015 by the three Rectors of Abruzzo's Universities, the status of the "University Student of Abruzzo" was established. In substance, a University student in the Abruzzo region is no longer limited to the single University he/she is enrolled in. In fact, as of the 2015-2016 A.Y., students enrolled in one of the three Universities of the Abruzzo region can take advantage of services offered in all three Universities simply by showing their University ID booklet.

In particular, they can gain access to library services in all three campuses, thus being able to consult all library materials directly or take advantage of document delivery services and all other services offered by the university libraries to their students. Furthermore, the agreement allows all students to take advantage of the services offered by the Language Centres of each University and of the wi-fi services available through Eduroam simply by using their university credentials.