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Enrolment of International Students

Welcome to UnivAQ! #IChooseUnivAQ
We invite you to visit this link and explore our range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including international degree courses entirely taught in English.
Then, read the instructions below about application and enrolment procedures you’ll have to follow as an international student. You are considered as an international student if, no matter your citizenship, you gained your previous qualification (e.g. Bachelor’s degree granting access to our postgraduate courses) outside Italy.



Academic Entry Requirements
Whatever course you are considering pursuing, you will have to go through a pre-selection process to make sure you meet our academic entry requirements. We thus invite you to check the specific academic requisites on our course catalogue. For information, get in contact with the International Relation Office through Help Point (selecting International Relations Office).

Some of our courses might also require you to take an official admission test as part of the pre-selection process.

If you are interested in one of the following international Masters' degrees, taught in English:

  • Applied Data Science 
  • Physics 
  • Computer Science 
  • Civil Engineering 
  • Control Systems and Automation Engineering 
  • Telecommunications Engineering: Advanced Technologies and Services
  • Computing Systems Engineering 
  • Mathematics 
  • Neurosciences 
  • Atmospheric Science and Technology

You can apply here:
The call is available here:
Application deadline is February 29th 2024 at 1 pm italian time.
After the deadline, you'll get the results of your application, and you will be able to apply for a Visa on Universitaly.

If you are interested in our “InterMaths Network on Interdisciplinary Mathematical Modelling and Applications” - Masters degrees in Mathematical Engineering and Mathematical Modelling:

  • “InterMaths - Interdisciplinary Mathematics” Erasmus Mundus Joint Master degree
  • “MathMods - Mathematical Modelling in Engineering” Joint Master's degree
  • “RealMaths - Mathematics for Real World Applications” Double Master's degree
  • Please check the website for further information.
    You can apply here:
    The call is available here:
    Application deadline for scholarship seeking students is February 29th 2024 at 1 pm italian time.
    Application deadline for students without scholarships is June 17th 2024 at 1 pm Italian time.
    After the deadline, you'll get the results of your application, and you will be able to apply for a Visa on Universitaly.

    If you are interested in any other degree course (First cycle or Single cycle) or Master's degree:
    - Do you need a visa? Please go to visa section below
    - Are you a legal resident in Italy and therefore do not need a visa? You can get in touch directly with your reference students’ registry office through Help Point


    Language requirements

    Depending on the programme you choose, you might also have to provide evidence of your English proficiency (required for our international degree courses). For all the other courses, you need to meet the minimum Italian language requirements (document part 3).

    For further information about our general entry requirements, you can check

    Italian language test


    • Do you need a Visa to study in Italy? Then, you have to pre-enrol on Universitaly! The application procedure is completely web-based. 

    Non-EU students not living in Italy are requested to pre-enrol using the online platform Universitaly, including those who have already gone through UnivAQ pre-selection process. 

    Documents to be uploaded on Universitaly:

    • Passport picture (mandatory)
    • Passport (mandatory)
    • Motivation letter (mandatory)
    • Curriculum vitae (mandatory)
    • Transcript of Records (mandatory)
    • Bachelor Degree Certificate/or temporary substitute certificate(mandatory)
    • Language proficiency certificate level B2 (mandatory)
    • Course description (not mandatory)
    • Reference letter (not mandatory)

    If you have a CIMEA Statement, DOV or Diploma Supplement, please upload it, too. It’s mandatory for enrollment, not for the Universitaly application, but it can be useful to expedite the Visa issue.

    Once your pre-enrolment application has been approved by our university, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Additionally, an admission letter will be issued and enclosed to your pre-enrolment application on Universitaly. After that, you will have to get in contact with the Italian Diplomatic-consular mission for the visa request process. Please note that the university confirmation email and admission letter do not automatically imply that a study visa will be issued to you, as the Diplomatic-consular mission is the sole responsible for the final decision on this matter. 

    The deadline for the pre-enrolment on Universitaly is 31 July 2024.

    • You are sure that you don’t need a visa and you gained your previous qualification in the EU. Then you won’t have to pre-enrol on Universitaly.
    • You don’t know whether or not you need a visa.

    Then visit and check it
    For further information about the enrolment of non-EU citizens, see here.
    If you need support, contact us through Help Point.



    The enrolment process involves two main phases, after the approval on Universitaly, one online and one in person, to be done at the Registrar Office (Segreteria Studenti):

    1) On line step: access to the online Student Information System “Segreteria Virtuale
    - Register your personal details and your previous school/academic career data
    - Upload your passport (PDF) and a picture (passport format)
    - Select the study course you selected on Universitaly
    - Pay the enrollment fee (first installment 156,00€), after the Visa issue and your arrival in Italy

    2) In presence step: visit the Student Registry office
    - Submit your passport and your Visa, to photocopy them;
    - Submit your residence permit (if you already have it), or a copy of the receipt of the residence permit request;
    - Submit the following documents: your translated and legalized qualifications, including CIMEA statements of comparability, Declaration of Value or Diploma Supplement, depending on the case.

    - Final certificate of secondary school (obtained after at least 12 years)
    - CIMEA comparability and verification certificates (to apply for CIMEA click here) OR "Declaration of Value" (DoV) issued by local Diplomatic-consular missions
    - Italian B2 level certificate

    - Final certificate of undergraduate course, Transcript of records in English or in Italian
    - CIMEA comparability and verification certificates (to apply for CIMEA click here) OR "Declaration of Value" (DoV) issued by local Diplomatic-consular missions OR Diploma Supplement in English (if the University issues it)
    - Language proficiency certificate B2 level (Italian or English, depending on the language of the study course)

    Note: the local Diplomatic-consular mission might still require that you obtain a Declaration of Value (DoV) in order to issue your study visa, although our university accepts either CIMEA or DoV. If that is the case, you will have to go through the DoV request process instead of the CIMEA statements.

    Note 2: If the didactic area committee of the course you have chosen has verified the authenticity of the foreign degree produced through direct contacts with the university that issued it, you will find this information on your acceptance letter, and you will not have to produce CIMEA certificates nor DoV nor DS. The Student Secretariat will have received the verification certificate signed by the Rector from the International Relations Office.

    For further information about the other documents required for enrolment, refer to these links:

    Once your personal details and entry requirements are checked, the Student Registry office assigns a matriculation number, which will be sent to your e-mail address. Afterwards, a Student Registration booklet is provided. 
    Deadline for enrolment of international students is: October 31 2024
    Visit for more details.


    Italian residence permit

    If you need a visa to stay in Italy, remember that you will also have to apply for an Italian residence permit within 8 days after arriving in our country. A residence permit is indeed required when a foreigner stays in Italy for longer than three months.


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