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UnivAQ for innovation

University of L'Aquila has a consolidated experience in the area of ​​technology transfer, contract research and business creation, as well as in initiatives for the training of entrepreneurial skills among students.

The University frequently collaborates with SMEs, multinationals and prestigious international research entities both for the development of new products and services and for the search for innovative solutions to increase the competitiveness of its partners and for local development.

Some of the main achievements and experiences of technology transfer:

  • 82 patents historically granted at national, European and international level
  • 14 technologies covered by international patent applications PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty)
  • 9 patent applications submitted to the EPO (European Patent Office) to protect as many inventions
  • 91 Univaq inventors, including academic and technical staff
  • 12 license agreements signed for patented technologies with national and international companies
  • 7 option contracts signed with companies interested in the acquisition of patented inventions
  • 4 assignment contracts signed with companies and organizations
  • 24 university and academic spin-off companies set up.

Some of the main technology transfer experiences gained include:

  • The ProMiSE Project, aimed at strengthening the skills of the University's Technology Transfer Office and active since 2016 thanks to the the University'awarding of a call for funding from the Ministry of Economic Development-Italian Patent and Trademark Office, aimed at strengthening and capacity building of the Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) of the Italian Universities and the EPR. The project is currently active, thanks to the achievement of the project objectives by the project team.
  • Participation in international projects on technology transfer and IP:
    • Erasmus + BERC - Develop Business and Economic Research Centers Capacity at Palestinian Higher Education Institutions (561966-EPP-1-2015-1-PS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP);
    • Erasmus + BITTCOIN-JO - Building Innovation Infrastructure via Technology Transfer Offices Conducted in Jordanian Higher Education Institutions (2018-3227 / 001-001).
  • Organization of three editions of the Master in “Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer” - financed with funds from the Abruzzo Region - which over the years has enablesd the training of over 50 specialists;
  • Promotion of two editions of the Business Plan Competition (BPC-UNIVAQ), aimed at spreading the culture of innovation within the academic world and the territory, favoring the creation of spin-off companies (university and / or academic) that transform scientific ideas into business ideas.
  • "RecosTruire" project, funded by the Ministry of Economic Development under the RIDITT Program and aimed at the post-seismic economic and territorial development of the L'Aquila area and the municipalities of the so-called "Seismic crater".
  • ITAC project, iin collaboration with the regional Chambers of Commerce in which 27 audits were conducted at companies identifying innovation needs and proposing opportunities for technology transfer;
  • ILO - Industrial Liaison Office project (2006-2008) funded by MIUR and aimed at the valorization and dissemination of university research to encourage the development of new technologies in the region;
  • Participation in the European Network of IRCs (Innovation Relay Centers) of the Innovation Program - funded by the VI EU Framework Program.

(Last updated on 31.12.2021)