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Here you can access links to general resources; for more specific resources visit the individual library pages of our Italian portal.

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Archives and libraries in L'Aquila

Italian libraries (Italian)


Directories of libraries throughout the world:



  • IATE: Multilingual database of EU terminology
  • BIBLIT (Italian): Online reference point for literary translation into and from Italian, grouping useful links for translators, dictionaries and glossaries online.



  • Wikipedia: Wikipedia is an online free-content encyclopaedia that represents an effort to create and give free access to a multilingual encyclopaedia of the highest quality with the aim of bringing knowledge to all those who seek it.
  • Encyclopaedia Britannica online: you can browse this English site thanks to an internal search engine.
  • (Italian): Multimedia encyclopaedia provided by De Agostini Publisher containing editorial materials which can be accessed online through general and specialized encyclopaedias, interactive and multimedia objects, dictionaries and services. It also offers other news and information.


Publishing Houses: Italian / foreign  


Hypertext links for web searching:


  • SegnaWeb (Italian): Web site index selected by Italian librarians. The resources chosen are useful for public libraries but also for individuals. Italian resources are prevalent and users may register and create their own personal bookmark.


Free online books (Ebooks):


  • Letturelibere (Italian): A collection of approximately 1.500 freely downloadable books on various subjects.
  • Stampalternativa (Italian): It promotes free circulation of independent publishing; about thirty titles can be browsed.
  • Gutenberg Project: It offers over 25.000 freely downloadable e-books, most of which previously published on paper by bona fide publishers and carrying no copyright restrictions.
  • Turning the pages: British Library site offering 18 digital historical books, allowing users to browse notes by Leonardo Da Vinci, the original Alice in Wonderland manuscript, works by Shakespeare, the Bible printed in 1455 by Johann Gutenberg, Jane Austen’s manuscripts and “Diamond Sutra”, the oldest known printed book found in China dating back to 868 and one of the most sacred works of Indian Buddhism, etc.
  • Wiki Open-Access Italia (Italian): Site offering open access, that is, free online access to scientific knowledge through articles that have traditionally been published in scholarly journals.




  • WebMuseum: Virtual museum offering access to art masterpieces which can be browsed through an artist or thematic index. The site contains a popular Famous Artworks Exhibition and each section offers a critical outline including biographies of artists and historical background.
  • Artchive: This is definitely the richest art archive available on the web and is managed by the University of Texas. You can browse over 2300 works by more than 230 artists. Artchive stands out as an art site for the attention to detail and for its high-quality reproductions.
  • Uffizi Museum: Virtual visits to certain sections of the famous Uffizi museum are made possible thanks to Quicktime Vr technology.
  • Vatican Museums: An extraordinary collection of images, most of which can be accessed directly online.
  • The Louvre: Web site allowing online access to sections of the famous French museum.
  • Museum of Modern Art of New York: Offers online access to a collection of works with audio comments.
  • British Museum: A well-organized online museum offering interactive tour paths.
  • N.Y. Metropolitan Museum of Art: Browse 5000 years of worldwide art.
  • International Council of Museums: An updated directory of all virtual museums of the world.


Library and Information Science Associations (Italian)


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