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Research centres

The research centres of our University are set up on the basis of multi-year projects between various university departments to carry out research work embracing multiple scientific areas, or to collaborate in the management of complex scientific apparatus or support systems, also involving other public and private institutions or individuals.


Centro di Ricerca CERFIS


This Research Centre promotes and coordinates research activities within the following fields:...

Centro di ricerca di trasporti e mobilità sostenibile - CITRAMS


The University's seven departments have taken part in the establishment of the inter-departmental CITRAMS Centre: Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences; ...

DMTA - Molecular Diagnostics and Advanced Therapy Research Centre


Three University Departments have contributed to establishing this Research Centre - Life, Health and Environmental Sciences; Biotechnological and ...

Centro di Ricerca M&MOCS


The main issues and topics dealt with by the Centre relate to mathematical modeling, numerical implementation and testing of physical problems in the mechanics of complex...