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Limited admission Bachelor's level and Master's level degree courses

Public competitions for admission and entry test applications

If you wish to enter a limited admission three-year Bachelor's level or single-cycle Master's level degree course please view public announcements for entry competitions available in our portal and remember that you are required to take an entry test for admission.

Please fill in online applications for admission entry tests carefully, paying close attention to the indications and deadlines in the relative competition announcement and making sure your application procedure was successful by checking that a green signal appears.



Applicants who qualify for admission must proceed to complete online enrolment within the deadline indicated in the public competition announcement, to avoid losing their place in the degree course they have qualified for.

If you are successful in obtaining a position in the course you have applied for, please make sure you have the following documents before beginning the online enrolment procedure:

  • A digital photo (40 mm x 35 mm, 300 dpi, in jpg, jpeg, bmp, pjpeg, png format)
  • A digital copy of your identification document (front and back) in a single file (pdf or, in alternative, jpg, jpeg, bmp, pjpeg, png format)
  • Your fiscal code or social security number


Please check the competition announcement for your course carefully and hand in the required documents to the Student Registry office within the deadlines indicated in order to successfully complete enrolment in the course you have qualified for.


Visit our Registration booklet (Libretto di iscrizione) web page to learn about the procedures for activation and management of an “alias” career for individuals going through gender transition through the assignment of a temporary, transitional and unconsolidated identity, allowing for the issuing of a new university booklet indicating their surname and the name they have personally chosen together with their student ID/registration number. 


For general information please visit the following websites set up by the Ministry of Education, University and Research: