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    Academic staff

    Full Professors
    Alesse EdoardoMED/46 - Biotechnology and methods in laboratory medicine
    Carlei FrancescoMED/18 - General surgery
    Cataldi Madonna LuigiM-FIL/06 - History of philosophy
    Chimenti ClaudioMED/28 - Oral diseases and dentistry
    D'Amico SimonettaM-PSI/04 - Developmental and educational psychology
    Fargnoli Maria ConcettaMED/35 - Dermatology and venereal diseases
    Ferrara MicheleM-PSI/02 - Psychobiology and physiological psychology
    Maccarrone MauroBIO/10 - Biochemistry
    Maggio RobertoBIO/14 - Pharmacology
    Masciocchi CarloMED/36 - Imaging and radiotherapy
    Perilli MariagraziaBIO/12 - Clinical biochemistry and molecular biology
    Pisani FrancescoMED/18 - General surgery
    Rossi AlessandroMED/25 - Psychiatry
    Rucci NadiaBIO/17 - Histology
    Sacco SimonaMED/26 - Neurology
    Teti Anna MariaBIO/17 - Histology
    Valenti MarcoMED/01 - Medical statistics
    Verrotti di Pianella AlbertoMED/38 - Paediatrics
    Zazzeroni FrancescaMED/46 - Biotechnology and methods in laboratory medicine
    Associate Professors
    Angelucci AdrianoMED/04 - Experimental medicine and pathophysiology
    Barile AntonioMED/36 - Imaging and radiotherapy
    Celenza GiuseppeBIO/12 - Clinical biochemistry and molecular biology
    Cipriani PaolaMED/16 - Rheumatology
    Curcio GiuseppeM-PSI/01 - General psychology
    D'Andrea GabrieleBIO/10 - Biochemistry
    De Angelis MarcoM-EDF/02 - Sport sciences and methodology
    Delle Monache SimonaBIO/13 - Experimental biology
    Di Giminiani RiccardoM-EDF/02 - Sport sciences and methodology
    Di Giulio AntonioBIO/10 - Biochemistry
    Eibenstein AlbertoMED/31 - Otorhinolaryngology
    Farina Antonietta RosellaMED/04 - Experimental medicine and pathophysiology
    Franceschini NicolaBIO/10 - Biochemistry
    Giovannelli AldoBIO/09 - Physiology
    Gravina Giovanni LucaMED/50 - Applied medical technology and methodology
    Guadagni StefanoMED/18 - General surgery
    Jaffrain Marie LiseMED/13 - Endocrinology and metabolism
    Lauriello MariaMED/32 - Audiology
    Mackay Andrew ReayMED/04 - Experimental medicine and pathophysiology
    Masedu FrancescoMED/01 - Medical statistics
    Mazza MonicaM-PSI/03 - Psychometrics
    Pistoia FrancescaMED/26 - Neurology
    Pompili AssuntaM-PSI/02 - Psychobiology and physiological psychology
    Ricevuto EnricoMED/06 - Medical oncology
    Schietroma MarioMED/18 - General surgery
    Sferra RobertaBIO/16 - Human anatomy
    Splendiani AlessandraMED/37 - Neuroradiology
    Tempesta DanielaM-PSI/01 - General psychology
    Vetuschi AntonellaBIO/16 - Human anatomy
    Vinciguerra Maria GiuliaM-EDF/02 - Sport sciences and methodology
    Biordi Assunta LedaMED/04 - Experimental medicine and pathophysiology
    Brisdelli FabriziaBIO/10 - Biochemistry
    Cappabianca Lucia Anna MariaMED/04 - Experimental medicine and pathophysiology
    Carnicelli VeronicaBIO/10 - Biochemistry
    Clementi MarcoMED/18 - General surgery
    Di Padova MonicaMED/05 - Clinical pathology
    Flati VincenzoMED/06 - Medical oncology
    Iorio PaolaMED/30 - Ophthalmology
    Iorio RobertoBIO/13 - Experimental biology
    Maccarone RitaBIO/09 - Physiology
    Pacitti FrancescaMED/25 - Psychiatry
    Pietroletti RenatoMED/18 - General surgery
    Pontieri EugenioMED/07 - Microbiology and clinical microbiology
    Sabetti LelioMED/30 - Ophthalmology
    Tessitore AlessandraMED/46 - Biotechnology and methods in laboratory medicine
    Researchers (temporary position)
    Capece DariaMED/46 - Biotechnology and methods in laboratory medicine
    Cifelli PierangeloBIO/09 - Physiology
    D'Atri AuroraM-PSI/02 - Psychobiology and physiological psychology
    Panarese AlessandraMED/18 - General surgery
    Pellegrini CristinaMED/35 - Dermatology and venereal diseases
    Pino Maria Chiara M-PSI/03 - Psychometrics
    Pompili SimonaBIO/16 - Human anatomy
    Rossi MarioBIO/14 - Pharmacology
    Ruscitti PieroMED/16 - Rheumatology
    Vecchiotti DavideMED/04 - Experimental medicine and pathophysiology
    Verzella DanielaMED/46 - Biotechnology and methods in laboratory medicine
    Zelli VeronicaMED/04 - Experimental medicine and pathophysiology
    Zerti DarinBIO/09 - Physiology