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    Academic staff

    Full Professors
    Avolio FrancescoL-FIL-LET/12 - Italian linguistics
    Ceccarelli LucioL-FIL-LET/04 - Latin language and literature
    Conti Alessandro DomenicoM-FIL/08 - History of medieval philosophy
    D'Arcangeli Marco AntonioM-PED/02 - History of pedagogy and education
    Flores Maria JosefaL-LIN/07 - Language and translation - Spanish
    Fusillo MassimoL-FIL-LET/14 - Literary criticism and comparative literature
    Gaffuri LuigiM-GGR/01 - Geography
    Gozzano SimoneM-FIL/02 - Logic and philosophy of science
    Hopkins Andrew JamesICAR/18 - History of architecture
    Ronchi RoccoM-FIL/01 - Theoretical philosophy
    Sbardella LivioL-FIL-LET/02 - Greek language and literature
    Segala MarcoM-FIL/06 - History of philosophy
    Thornton Anna MariaL-LIN/01 - Historical and general linguistics
    Associate Professors
    Calandra Lina MariaM-GGR/01 - Geography
    Ciccozzi AntonelloM-DEA/01 - Demology, ethnology and anthropology
    Di Natale GiuseppeL-ART/03 - History of contemporary art
    Eradze MakaM-PED/03 - Methodologies of teaching and special education
    Feniello AmedeoM-STO/01 - Medieval history
    Forgione AlfonsoL-ANT/08 - Christian and medieval archaeology
    Fusco Maria GiovannaL-LIN/12 - Language and translation - English
    Greco LorenzoSPS/01 - Political philosophy
    Guarracino SerenaL-LIN/10 - English literature
    Hans BarbaraL-LIN/14 - Language and translation - German
    Isidori Maria VittoriaM-PED/03 - Methodologies of teaching and special education
    Lando GiorgioM-FIL/05 - Philosophy and theory of language
    Laurano PatriziaSPS/07 - General sociology
    Lino MirkoL-ART/06 - Cinema, photography and television
    Longo AngelaM-FIL/07 - History of ancient philosophy
    Lulli LauraL-FIL-LET/02 - Greek language and literature
    Maccherini MicheleL-ART/02 - History of modern art
    Mantini Silvia MariaM-STO/02 - Modern history
    Merola ValeriaL-FIL-LET/10 - Italian literature
    Morelli ArnaldoL-ART/07 - Musicology and history of music
    Parente Lucia Maria GraziaM-FIL/03 - Moral philosophy
    Pasqualetti CristianaL-ART/01 - History of medieval art
    Pezzuto LucaL-ART/04 - Museology, art and restoration criticism
    Simonetti GianluigiL-FIL-LET/11 - Contemporary Italian literature
    Sisani SimoneL-ANT/03 - Roman history
    Spetia LucillaL-FIL-LET/09 - Romance philology and linguistics
    Staiti Chiara Clementina MariaL-FIL-LET/15 - Germanic philology
    Taviani PaoloM-STO/06 - History of religions
    Troilo SimonaM-STO/04 - Contemporary history
    Vaccarelli AlessandroM-PED/01 - Pedagogy, theories of education and social education
    Vogt Barbara MariaL-LIN/14 - Language and translation - German
    Zenobi LucaL-LIN/13 - German literature
    Biscetti StefaniaL-LIN/12 - Language and translation - English
    Savo Maria BarbaraL-ANT/02 - Greek history
    Researchers (temporary position)
    Belotti FrancescaSPS/08 - Sociology of culture and communication
    Bernardoni AndreaM-STO/05 - History of science and technology
    Cifarelli Francesco MariaL-ANT/07 - Classical archaeology
    Colella FrancescaSPS/07 - General sociology
    Cominetti FedericaL-LIN/01 - Historical and general linguistics
    Corona LuisaL-LIN/01 - Historical and general linguistics
    Di Maro MariaL-FIL-LET/10 - Italian literature
    Donati DonatellaM-FIL/02 - Logic and philosophy of science
    Filosini StefaniaL-FIL-LET/04 - Latin language and literature
    Legge DorianaL-ART/05 - Performing arts
    Martínez Benedí Maria PilarL-LIN/11 - Anglo-American languages and literatures
    Milletti MatteoL-ANT/06 - Etruscology and Italic antiquities
    Nanni SilviaM-PED/01 - Pedagogy, theories of education and social education
    Nocita TeresaL-FIL-LET/13 - Philology of Italian literature
    Pellegrini LucianoL-LIN/04 - Language and translation - French
    Puglielli EdoardoM-PED/02 - History of pedagogy and education
    Spinosa DomenicoM-FIL/04 - Aesthetics