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Research Doctorates

A Research Doctorate or PhD is an academic degree awarded by universities upon completion of a research doctorate programme. Students having completed a Master's level degree course (Laurea Magistrale) who wish to continue their academic studies with the aim of carrying out research work may apply to sit for the required entry exam. Research Doctorates are activated by individual universities, university consortia or private universities fulfilling elevated cultural and scientific requisites and personnel standards.
The academic study programmes, including periods spent abroad and internships in public and private institutions, aim at the acquisition of the knowledge and know-how needed to carry out high quality research activities. The Research Doctorate (PhD) is the highest level of academic study in Italy, carried out in a period of at least three years.
The results obtained at the end of the course are documented by a final thesis, which must be of significant scientific value, examined by an evaluation committee.
Foreign students wishing to apply for a place in the Doctorate programme who have not yet obtained equivalency certification of their academic qualifications, must enclose an equivalency request with their application. In doing so they should include any other documentation in their possession complete with translation and certification by competent Italian authorities in accordance with laws regulating admission of foreign students in Italian universities, all of which may aid the Academic Board in declaring degree equivalency.
The number of places available and procedures regarding admission examinations are established and specified in the relative public announcement for selection.

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