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Pollen Calendar

The Aerobiological Survey Centre AQ01 - within the Environmental Science sector of the Department of Life, Health and Environmental Sciences - publishes for all those interested a pollen and airborne fungal spores bulletin together with a forecast for the following week.

This weekly-updated service provides users with information on the various concentration levels of allergenic pollen present in the city of L'Aquila, but does not indicate allergic risk factors, which vary from patient to patient and according to seasons. The aim of this service is purely informative and the data provided has no medical purpose so it can in no way substitute medical consultation. The editors decline any liability associated with inappropriate or mistaken use by users of the information provided by this service. The bulletin is updated every Wednesday.

The Aerobiological Survey Centre AQ01 belongs to Italian Aerobiological Monitoring Network (R.I.M.A.®) and European Pollen Info.


Head of the Aerobiological Survey Centre:
Prof. Loretta Pace



Dr. Marzia Casilli


Consult our pollen and sporogenic bulletin and forecast in Italian.