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Language Centre

Founded in 1982, the University Language Centre provides services as established by Art. 41 of the University's Statute which denotes its institutional functions. The Language Centre is managed by a Director together with a Teaching Committee and Governing Board. The Language Centre aims at providing services and support for foreign language teaching and learning at the University of L'Aquila, its current staff consists of French, English, German, Italian and Spanish language teachers.

Services provided by the Language Centre within the University of L'Aquila:

  • Foreign language assessment for students
  • Modern language courses for students
  • Foreign language courses for Erasmus+ outgoing students
  • Italian language courses for Erasmus+ incoming students
  • Assessment of foreign language competence for candidates participating in international mobility programmes
  • Foreign language films
  • Tandem language programmes
  • Consulting and translation services

Services provided for external structures:

  • Modern language courses (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German)
  • Foreign language testing and certificates (Italian, English, French, Spanish, German)
  • Consulting and translation services

In our Italian website you can access information about foreign language courses currently available, level descriptions of language proficiency tests, test results, course timetables, and testing services.

Language courses currently available:

Foreign language testing for students' study plan requirements:

Forms and applications

E-learning practice


General information

Address Viale Nizza 14, 67100 L'AquilaVisualizza sulla Mappa
Phone 1 +39 0862432603
Phone 2 +39 0862432776
Fax +39 0862431245


Flores Maria Josefa

DepartmentHuman Studies
AddressEdificio Ernesto Pontieri, viale Nizza 14 - 67100 L'AquilaVisualizza sulla Mappa
Phone+39 0862432106
Fax+39 0862432124

Governing Board

Teaching Committee 
Avolio Francesco
Barbero Bernal Juan Carlos
Fusco Maria Giovanna
Linguistic collaborators and experts 


Bassi Fatima Carla
Ceccarelli Luisa
Ercole Liliana
Walters Dominic Simon


Calvarese Ornella


Papalino Rossana
Gratton Donatella Claudia


Antonetti Roberta


León Gómez Magdalena