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    CITRAMS - Sustainable Transport and Mobility Research Centre


    The University's seven departments have taken part in the establishment of the inter-departmental CITRAMS Centre: Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences; Civil, Construction - Architectural and Environmental Engineering; Human Studies; Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics; Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics; Life, Health and Environmental Sciences; Physical and Chemical Sciences.


    CITRAMS promotes and coordinates research activity, technological transfer and dissemination in the transportation sector (passengers and goods) and in sustainable mobility, with particular attention to:

    • Transport infrastructure planning and relative socio-economic management issues
    • Theoretical and modelling analysis of supply and demand and their interaction
    • Advanced transportation systems (land, air, naval, intermodal and multimodal) and technological innovation of their components
    • Low impact innovative propulsion systems and technological innovation of their components
    • Interaction between transportation and the physical/social environment, education, health, disability and aging
    General information
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     Prof. Gino D'Ovidio
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