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    The new technology transfer section of the university website is online

    The new section of the University website, relating to Technology Transfer, is online; you can find the news in evidence, the services available for businesses and researchers, figures and useful information to consult.

    The restructuring of the section was carried out by the staff of the ProMiSE Project, by the staff of the technology transfer sector, under the coordination of Prof. Luciano Fratocchi, Delegate of Rector for technology transfer, third party funded research activities and start-up development.


    The University of L'Aquila in foreground in gene therapy for rare bone diseases

    SiSaf Ltd, a UK company developing RNA-based therapies for rare genetic skeletal diseases, announced that it has exercised its option to acquire a patent licence from the University of L'Aquila. The licence allows SiSaf to develop a new generation of drugs to treat genetic diseases such as autosomal dominant osteopetrosis type 2 (ADO2). SiSaf and the University of L'Aquila signed the scientific collaboration and licensing agreement last year. The exercise of the licence option follows an intensive 12-month pre-clinical collaborative research that has demonstrated the efficacy and tolerability of the investigational drug [SiS-101-ADO2].