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Goal 3 - Good health and well-being


pdf format Report 2022-2023
pdf format Report 2020-2021



- 904 Course Units (List format pdf List)

- 5 Degree Programmes

- Human Movement and Sport Sciences 

- Clinical, Applied and Intervention Psychology  

- Health Professions of Prevention Sciences

- Medicine and Surgery

- Dentistry

- 18 Post-graduate vocational, specialization and LLL courses

Molecular Diagnostics of Genetic, Tumorous and Infective Diseases
Surgical Nursing for Operating Theatre Circulating Nurses and Robotic Technology Experts "Alessio Agnifili"
Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Evidence-based Techniques for the Treatment of Autistic Spectrum Disorders
Skeletal Muscle Interventional Radiology
Healthcare Management
Management for the Coordinating functions of health professions (Qualifying)
Clinical Nursing for Intensive Care Units and Emergency
Family and Community Health Care Nursing
Neuro-Ophthalmology and Visual Neuro-Rehabilitation
Obstetric pelviperineal rehabilitation
Adolescent and young adult medicine
-   Digital Dentistry: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning, General Dentistry and Oral Surgery, Orthodontics with Clear Aligners and Digital Smile Design
-   Emergency and Maxi Emergency in the Critical Area
-   Gender Medicine and Health: from Laboratory Research to Clinic and Healthcare Organisation
Occupational Medicine Specialist (Qualifying)
Specialization course in Autism Spectrum Disorder: from diagnostic evaluation to intervention design
Specialization course in Electric Energy Smart Management as part of the SITUM project
Advanced training course in nutritional biology applied to reproductive health



- 2689 Publications (Scopus 2017-2023)

- 75 Projects ( List format pdf List)

Third Mission and Social Engagement

- 4 Projects (List format pdf List)



Plans and Regulations:

- List format pdf Positive Actions Plan - PAP (updated)
- format pdf Welfare and Well-being Plan
- Student Services
- Services for Disabled Students
- The confidential Counsellor
- “alias” career