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Goal 3 - Good health and well-being



- 870 Course Units (List format pdf List)

- Post-graduate vocational, specialization and LLL courses

- Neuro-Ophthalmology and Visual Neuro-Rehabilitation

- Obstetrics and Urogynecological Rehabilitation

- Abilitante alle funzioni di medico competente

- Sports Cardiology

- Molecular Diagnostics of Genetic, Tumorous and Infective Diseases

- Infermieristica clinica nelle unità di cure intensive e nell'emergenza

- Molecular Diagnostics of Genetic, Tumorous and Infective Diseases

- Riabilitazione in Chirurgia Colorettale e Proctologica

- Surgical Nursing for Operating Theatre Circulating Nurses and Robotic Technology Experts "Alessio Agnifili"

- Skeletal Muscle Interventional Radiology

- Healthcare Management


- 1436 Publications (Scopus 2019-2020)

- 17 Projects (List format pdf List)

Third Mission and Social Engagement

- 3 Projects (List format pdf List)


- DMTA - Molecular Diagnostics and Advanced Therapy Research Centre

- "Centi Colella" sports centre

- SACS - Listening and Counselling Service

- Dr. SeCS - Sexological Counselling


- Referent for Gender Medicine

- Referent for Sport Facilities and Activities

- Partnerships:

- Agreements with the Regional and National Health System for the integration of academic staff of Medicine School in the assistance and care activities in hospitals