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Goal 5 - Gender equality

5 Gender equality

pdf format SDGs Report 2020-2021



- 148 Course Units (List pdf format List)

- 3 Post-graduate vocational, specialization and LLL courses

- Obstetrics and Urogynecological Rehabilitation

- Gender Medicine and Health: from Laboratory Research to Clinic and Healthcare Organisation

- Management for Coordinating Nursing and Midwifery, Rehabilitative, Technical and Preventive Health Professions (Qualifying)


- 5 Publications (Scopus 2017-2021)

- 1 Projects (List pdf format List)

Third Mission and Social Engagement

- 8 Projects (List pdf format List)

The university has adopted specific policies and strategies for the achievement of Equal Opportunities in the academic community and beyond.

Infrastructures, Plans, Regulations, Reports:

- Strategic Plan

- List format pdf Gender Equality Plan - GEP

- List format pdf Positive Actions Plan - PAP

- List format pdf Positive Actions Plan - PAP (updated)

- format pdf Welfare and Well-being Plan

- Guarantee Act Committee (CUG)

- The Confidential Counsellor

- Code of Ethics

- Gender-sensitive Italian Language Use

- Gender Balance Report

- Referent for the Equal Opportunities

- Ombudsperson

- format pdfChanging Tables

- Pinkamp

- Partnerships / Affiliations:


- RUniPace

- CRUI Working Group on Gender-related themes

- Forum Inequalities Diversity (Forum Disuguaglianze Diversità)