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Collaborations with spin-off companies

Spin-offs are companies founded in the academic field whose primary purpose is is to exploit commercially research results for the development of new innovative products or services.

Two types are possible:

  • University spin-offs, in which the University also participates in the share capital with a maximum incubation period of 5 years in university facilities;
  • Academic spin-offs, in which University does not participate in the share capital, but teachers, researchers and other structured academic staff do. In this case, the maximum incubation period is 6 years.

Companies or third parties can be involved in two ways:

  • Participation in the share capital of a spin-off
  • Collaboration with an existing spin-off

Benefits for companies:

  • Access to strategic technological knowledge;
  • Product/service development
  • Product/service innovation
  • Investment opportunities in innovative companies
  • Access to and transfer of innovative technological know-how to the productive world
  • Easy access to Univaq patents and technologies

Tax benefits

Tax benefits for innovative SMEs and start-ups: incentive from the Italian Ministry of Economic Development that provides a tax deduction of 50 per cent for investments in the share capital of innovative Start-ups and SMEs.

Activation modes
Third-party companies can contribute to the creation of Spin-offs by participating in the share capital or can collaborate with Spin-offs in other forms.

How to establish a Spin-off company

You can find out how to establish a spin-off company here.

How to collaborate with active Spin-off companies

You can consult the list of active Spin-off companies on this page.