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    Funding of PhDs

    The PhD is a three-year, highly-qualifying post-graduate training course, which is accessed through public selection and provides the necessary skills to carry out high-level research activities at universities, public and private bodies.

    Benefits for companies

    • Solving complex business problems requiring research activities
    • Access to the skills and knowledge of highly qualified personnel
    • Opportunity of future professional integration of doctoral students in companies
    • Joint definition of the training activities to be carried out also in the company

    Tax benefits

    • Deductibility and tax benefits for donations: funds transferred for research donations, from Italian companies to universities are fully deductible from the payer's income, up to 2% of the declared business income.

    Activation modes

    Companies and other third parties can finance all or part of the cost of a PhD , either through a donation or through an agreement with the university.
    For information contact the office in charge.

    The duration of the training is at least three years.