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Funding of industrial PhDs

The industrial PhD is a highly qualifying training course aimed at companies’ employees interested in activating this type of collaboration, who are in possession of a master's degree, single-cycle degree or equivalent qualifications (Ministerial Decree No. 270 of 22 October 2004), admitted to the PhD course trough a specific selection.

Benefits for companies

  • Collaboration with the university to activate specific industrial PhD courses
  • Joint definition of the training program, which can also be carried out in the company
  • Training of the personnel with a highly qualifying course
  • Resolution of complex problems requiring research activities in the medium-long term

Tax benefits

  • Deductibility and tax benefits for donations: funds transferred for research donations, from Italian companies to universities are fully deductible from the payer's income, up to 2% of the declared business income.

Activation modes

Companies, public or private third parties can finance all or part of the cost of a PhD scholarship, either through a donation or through an agreement with the university.
For information contact the office in charge.


The duration of the training is at least 3 years.