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Scholarships, degree awards, hackathons

Scholarships are a type of financial support to valorise the study paths of particularly deserving students.
The degree awards are an acknowledgment to recent graduates who have made a scientific contribution to knowledge on certain topics or have addressed particular issues.
A further opportunity is the organisation and funding of hackathons, in which a company can propose a topic or project of its own interest, which represents a 'problem' or a demand for innovation. Working groups, consisting of students and/or recent graduates, work out potential solutions to the problem. The best project is selected by a panel of experts, academics and companies.

Benefits for companies

  • Opportunity to find innovative solutions to problems and needs of their own interest
  • Opportunity to reward students and/or graduates in scientific fields of interest to the company
  • Opportunity for the company to promote and improve its image
  • Tribute to the memory of personalities
  • Commemoration of anniversaries


Tax benefits

  • Deductibility and tax benefits for donations: funds transferred for research donations, from Italian companies to universities are fully deductible from the payer's income, up to 2% of the declared business income.


Activation modes
Third parties who whant to fund a student scholarship, on the basis of merit and/or individual/family income, or degree awards for recent graduates who have discussed their theses in specific academic years and on specific topics or hackathons, sign a memorandum of understanding
Activation is governed by a specific call for applications that regulates the admission requirements according to the procedures specified by the funding body and the university.

For information, please contact the office in charge.