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An internship is a period of orientation and training for students and graduates within a host company with the aim of facilitating entry into the world of work.

An internship is a period of training or further education carried out in a company, body or institution in which a particular aspect of an activity is explored.

Benefits for companies

  • Opportunity to employ trainees or graduates
  • Opportunity for students to work on theses on topics of interest to the company
  • Opportunity to find qualified resources for future employment
  • Opportunity to take advantage of the insurance cover provided by the University

Facilitations for job placement

  • The Abruzzo region provides the "Nuova Garanzia Giovani" action to support the employment of young people.


  • Internships for graduates (for no more than 12 months) have a minimum duration of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months.

Activation modalities

In order to host an intern, the host must sign an agreement with the university. This agreement will allow the university to provide the insurance cover required by law and will allow the company to be included in the list of those available to receive interns. An individual training project must also be drawn up in which all the elements of the training experience are specified.
The training project may also identify the participation benefits, which is optional for curricular internships and compulsory for extra-curricular interships.

For further information, please contact the office in charge.