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Free intellectual property check-up service

Since 2018, on the initiative of the MISE-UIBM, a completely free service has been available to italian companies for the diagnosis, identification, protection and valorisation of intellectual property.
Interested companies can request an appointment directly from the staff of the University of L'Aquila's Technology Transfer Office.
Once the appointment is set, the company will benefit from a personal visit from the ProMISE-Univaq team project, lasting a maximum of one hour, for a discussion on the issues of knowledge protection, management and valorisation of intellectual property rights.

Benefits for enterprises

  • The company receives a specific report summarising, in an organic form, information about the company's status, awareness, protection and management of intellectual property.
  • Possible ways of exploiting the company's ip rights are suggested
  • The company has the opportunity to learn about the services that the Italian Patent and Trademark Office provides to companies, free of charge. They relate to info-training to support the filing of applications for protection through patents, trademarks and designs; assistance in entering foreign markets; on anti-counterfeiting technologies; access to incentives dedicated to intellectual property.
  • The company has the opportunity to learn about funding opportunities and accessible contributions recurring to IP tools, in particular those made available by the Ministry of Economic Development (e.g. Patent+, Design+, Trademark+ Calls) and EUIPO (SME Fund).
  • The company has the possibility to start a collaboration with the university to solve specific technological/market needs or to participate in projects and funding calls.

Activation modes:

Companies wishing to activate the service, which is completely free of charge, can communicate: Company name, Contact Name and contact details (telephone and email) to the following address:
University of L'Aquila Technology Transfer Office -

The questionnaire is available at the following link

For information, please contact the office in charge.