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Protection through patents and other intellectual property

The intellectual property of an invention is recognised as valuable even before it becomes a new product, process or service.

The University of L'Aquila intends to raise awareness among researchers on the importance of protect of the results of their research and on initiatives for commercial exploitation in the industrial sphere.

Intellectual property comprises a set of rights that can be acquired by patenting, registration or in the other ways provided for by the Industrial Property Code (Legislative Decree No. 30 of 10 February 2005).

They are obtained by patenting:

  • inventions
  • utility models
  • new plant varieties

The following, on the other hand, are obtained by registration:

  • trade marks
  • designs and models
  • topographies of semiconductor products.

Benefits for researchers and the University:

  • key point for technology transfer to the industrial world
  • source of additional resources for universities
  • scientific dissemination channel equal to pubblications.

Activation modes:

The researcher who decides to protect his creations:

  • can assign the patrimonial rights to the University, which will bear the costs of protection (ordinary procedure) and obtain a percentage of the potential revenue from exploitation (not less than 50%)
  • he can do so in his own name, bearing all the relevant costs, by notifying the university of the filing/registration. In this case the University will be entitled, ex lege, to a percentage of no less than 30% of the potential revenues (simplified procedure).

On these pages you can find out what you can protect and the procedures for patenting/protecting

For information you can contact the office in charge.