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    Online catalogues

    Here you can find links to various online library catalogues.


    Card catalogues offer bibliographic descriptions of a given work – author, title, text edition, publisher, date, description – present in one or more libraries. An online catalogue, called OPAC – Online Public Access Catalogue – is an online database of materials held by a library or group of libraries. Users typically search a catalogue to locate books, periodicals, audio/visual materials or other items managed by a library. Online catalogues may be incomplete if a library has not converted all the bibliographic records of its catalogues into electronic format: in this case, users need to consult traditional card catalogues.



    Univaq Online Catalogue

    This is the National Library System Catalogue (SBN) containing the data of SBN L’Aquila unit libraries, consisting of all the libraries of the University of L’Aquila. It’s an intuitive and functional platform: you can search the catalogue by title, author, subject or choose an advanced search mask allowing for combined criteria. You can also search by topic or list and see the books by their covers or even visualize them as if they were on the library shelf. Accounts can be customized and search results can be shared on Facebook and Twitter.



    apre nuova paginaMLOL

    The digital lending platform with the largest collection of content for all Italian libraries.


    National Library Service (SBN) Catalogue

    OPAC SBN (where OPAC stands for "On Line Public Access Catalogue") allows users to friendly search the collective catalogue of all the libraries belonging to the National Library Service. It is possible to identify documents of interest, find libraries owning these documents and access local catalogues for further information on document availability.


    Italian Union Catalogue of Serials (ACNP)

    This is the CIB – Bologna University inter-library centre catalogue, originating from the ACNP (National Collective Periodicals Archive) created in the 70s thanks to an IRDS – CNR initiative. The catalogue contains bibliographic descriptions of periodicals held by libraries scattered throughout the nation and covers all disciplinary fields. The catalogue may be searched by title, library, year and also using your mobile phone: in fact, the first ACNP version in 1.2 xhtml is available at

    The mobile version of the ACNP catalogue implements an interface allowing users to search periodicals by title or ISSN code. Users can view results on their mobiles and e-mail pdf documents containing the complete periodical card, related services and materials owned by ACNP libraries.


    Italian OPAC Repertoire (Italian)


    This site collects all Italian catalogues.


    World Catalogues


    Site containing OPAC repertoires and library web sites of the world.