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    Deputy Rector

    The Deputy Rector carries out administrative decisions on behalf of the Rector, when necessary, due to absence or other impediments.

    Prof. Roberto Cipollone

    Roberto Cipollone is Full Professor of Interaction between Environment and Thermal Engines at University of L'Aquila since 1994.

    The dominant theme of his scientific production has always been oriented to the analysis of the interactions between energy transformations and the environment. Main aspects treated are the thermodynamics applied to machines, the thermal engine systems, the energy systems integrated with renewable sources, the thermal and fluid dynamical phenomena, the dynamic phenomena in energy transformation systems and the territorial energy and environmental planning.

    In 1985, following a research period spent at the Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in Brussels, he won the Belgian Government Prize, discussing a research topic entitled “Quasi three dimensional viscous flow in centrifugal compressor impeller”.

    In 1987 he got the PhD degree in Engineering of Machines (Thermal Plants) at University of L'Aquila.

    His main research field has been that of reciprocating internal combustion engines.

    In the sector it has participated to their technological evolution by contributing to the development of important new technologies which are on the market today (UNIair, Timing BIO, TM Thermal Management, Massive EGR-CA, etc…). The collaborations with important national and international companies and research entities (Fiat Research Center, FIAT Auto, FCA, Dayco, MarkIV Systèmes Moteur, IVECO, Daytech, BMW, CNR, Enea, Stellantis, Mercedes Benz Group, Metelli S.p.A., OMP srl, CNH International) were of great importance and favored a continuous deep introduction in the industrial sector as well as in the most relevant theoretical and experimental environments of the energy sectors. The research activity carried out has favored the development of theoretical methods (QPM) presently adopted inside softwares of wide international use for the prediction of engine phenomena ("RT-GT WAVE" by Ricardo PLC and "GT-Suite" by the Gamma Technologies LLC).

    He was responsible of several competitive projects of relevant national interest (PRIN, Upgrading plans of Scientific and technological networks, Industry 2015). He was also responsible of many European projects on propulsion systems (HY-CEPS, CONVENIENT, LONGRUN) and on issues of Territorial Energy and environmental planning (ENERGY XXI, SAVE). Inside this novel research area, he was responsible of further research activities in the "oil & gas" and cryogenic fuels sectors (Parker-Hannifin, Sivam S.p.A., Eni), in the refrigeration technologies (EPTA Refrigeration Group), in the fluids sealing (Meccanotecnica Umbra Group), in the off-shore technology (Mise) and in the use of Hydrogen (Rototech srl, Hydra) as pure fluids or in blends with fossil fuels. The development of Sustainable Energy Plans on Regional and Municipal scale and the extension to climate change defense (SEAP & SECAP, Abruzzo Region) represents a recent area of activity very challenging in the energy transition path. Energy islands and Energy Communities recently introduced as tool to favor the social dimension of the sustainability matching renewable energy, environment and private interests are a very recent area of his research.

    The financial resources relating to these activities have allowed the construction of a complex testing facility on thermal engines and energy transformations which represents a national reference on the matter.

    The research carried out has favored an enrichment in the training offer in various courses at university level; they revealed as new disciplines which represent today national references (Dynamics and Control of thermal engines, Environmental Management Systems, Energy and Environmental territorial planning, Fluid Dynamics of Pollutants, Interaction between Environment and energy systems).

    He is the author of more than three hundred scientific publications of high bibliometric ranking and scientific qualification, as well as he was supervisor of as many degree and doctoral theses. He is author of a book on Environmental Management Systems (Aracne Editor) and of chapters of books on machines and energy transformations (Masson Editor).

    He was a designated member of the R&I Commission of CLEPA -European Association of Automotive Suppliers-. He is a member of the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers, USA), of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and of the IME (Institution of Mechanical Engineering, UK).

    He was a member of the Scientific Committee of the Italian Association for the use of hydrogen and fuel cells (H2IT) on behalf of the Abruzzo Region.

    He was a founding member of the Fucino Energia Consortium immediately following the liberalization of the energy markets.

    He was President of the Marsica University Consortium, involving in the initiative numerous companies, local public authorities and banks.

    He was President of the Environment Commission of University of L’Aquila during the years 1996-2004, favoring the integration of various cultural skills in the topics of the environment and its protection.

    He was President of the Board of Professor of the Course of Engineering for the Environment and for the Territory for six years and Coordinator of two PhD Schools for about a decade.

    He was Scientific Director of the EMAS School of the Abruzzo Region, favoring the birth of new professional figures (certified acoustic-environmental technicians).

    He was member of the ASN Commission in the field of Machines, Energy Systems.

    He is author of several national and international patents. He is reviewer of many international journals in several of which he is on the Editorial Board.

    He is President a of the E3R Academic Spin Off (Energy and Environmental Engineering Research).

    He is member of the Board of Directors of the Metelli S.p.A. Company and Member of the Strategic Development Committee of OMP Officine Mazzocco-Pagnoni srl.

    He is member of the Board of Directors of the IAM Automotive, Automotive Innovation Hub of the Abruzzo Region.