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Open admission Master's level degree courses

Online enrolment is open to graduates who have obtained a Bachelor's level degree at the University of L’Aquila or at another university.

Before you begin pre-enrolment or online enrolment make sure you have the following:

  • Information regarding your secondary school studies (final mark, type of diploma obtained, name and description of the secondary school you attended)
  • Information regarding your Bachelor’s level degree (final mark, type of degree course and name of university)
  • A digital photo (40 mm x 35 mm, 300 dpi, in jpg, jpeg, bmp, pjpeg, png format)
  • A digital copy of your identification document (front and back) in a single file (pdf or, in alternative, jpg, jpeg, bmp, pjpeg, png format)
  • Your fiscal code or social security number

To enrol in an open admission Master’s level degree course you must complete the online student registry office enrolment procedure consisting in the following steps:

  • Registering (provide personal details and address)
  • Obtaining your username and password
  • Logging into the online student registry office
  • Enrolling (provide data regarding secondary school studies and the degree course chosen)
  • Payment of the required enrolment fees through the PagoPA system

Once you have completed the online enrolment procedure, you must:

  • Hand in your translated and legalized original Diploma including a Declaration of Value issued by competent Consular authorities to your Student Registry office, only if you have completed your studies abroad

At the end of the enrolment procedure the Student Registry office assigns a matriculation number which will be sent to the e-mail address you have provided.

Student Registration booklets will be issued from 1st November. If you enrol between 1st November and 20th December you will be notified by e-mail when your booklet is ready.

Visit our Registration booklet (Libretto di iscrizione) web page to learn about the procedures for activation and management of an “alias” career for individuals going through gender transition through the assignment of a temporary, transitional and unconsolidated identity, allowing for the issuing of a new university booklet indicating their surname and the name they have personally chosen together with their student ID/registration number.

Online enrolment is not open to:

  • Non-EU citizens
  • Students enrolled in the University of L’Aquila who wish to change degree course

Please visit our Student Registry offices for info on other enrolment procedures.

Administrative deadlines:

  • Enrolment is open from 18st July to 31st October
  • Please note: if you enrol online by 31st October but make enrolment fee payment after the 31st October deadline you will be charged a € 52.00 penalty fee
  • From 1st November to 20th December (final enrolment deadline) you will still be able to enrol upon payment of the required enrolment fee and a € 52.00 late enrolment penalty fee to be made through the PagoPA system.

For general information please visit the following websites set up by the Ministry of Education, University and Research: