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Training and internships


An integrated part of the degree courses offered, the training sessions are held in firms or institutions to complete or integrate academic programmes. Another training opportunity offers graduates (having completed studies no more than 12 months earlier) and students the chance to enter the job market for temporary periods thus allowing them to make future career choices with a better understanding of the sector.


  • What it is:
    A period of training and specialization carried out within a firm or institution concentrating on a specific aspect of the activity carried out within a sector.
  • Advantages offered:
    For students this represents a chance to put the knowledge acquired during their studies to use in a direct and practical way, but also a chance to learn about the professional, technological and organizational aspects of employment. For a firm, internships offer access to new resources, up-dated scientific competence, creativity and the opportunity to meet potential future collaborators.


For more information consult the corresponding Italian page.