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    National and regional funding

    In our Italian portal you can find information on the following national funding instruments to support research and innovation:


    • PRIN – Research projects of national interest (info in Italian)
    • PON - National Operational Programme on Research and Innovation (info in Italian)
    • FIRB – Fund for investment in basic research (info in Italian)
    • “Future in research” programme (info in Italian)
    • FISR – Special supplementary fund for research (info in Italian)
    • Initiatives for the dissemination of scientific culture - Law 6/2000 (info in Italian)
    • PNR – National research programme (info in Italian)
    • "Proof of Concept" research projects (info in Italian)
    • Ministry of Economic Development - L’Aquila earthquake crater area. Aid for industrial research and experimental development projects (info in Italian)
    • FAR – Research facilitation fund (info in Italian)
    • PNRA - National Antarctic research programme (info in Italian)
    • FIRST – Fund for investment in scientific and technological research (info in Italian)
    • SIR - Scientific Independence of Young Researchers programme (info in Italian)
    • FAMI - Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (info in Italian)
    • Rita Levi Montalcini programme for young researchers (info in Italian)
    • CCM - National Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (info in Italian)


    You can get also information on regional and other funding instruments on our Italian portal.