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    International degree courses 2022/2023 AY

    One of the main objectives of the University of L'Aquila is the internationalization of teaching pursued through student and teacher mobility, international degree courses offered in collaboration with foreign universities, together with entire degree courses offered in English.
    In terms of study programmes our University offers:

    • Joint degrees or double/multiple degrees, offered in English and/or Italian. These courses, in accordance with agreements stipulated, provide integrated curricula and student mobility strategies allowing for the reciprocal recognition of the credits earned within the course. Graduates obtain a double or multiple degree (from the two or more universities taking part in the agreement in which the student has earned required credits) or a joint degree (a single degree issued by the universities who have officially agreed upon and established a joint international degree course).
    • Degree courses in English are also offered, these provide teaching in English with a degree issued either exclusively by the University of L'Aquila or in conjunction with other Italian universities in the case of national agreements with other Italian institutions.
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    List of Bachelor’s and Master’s level courses ordered by Department

    Department of Civil, Construction-Architectural and Environmental Engineering
    Degree Level Class Duration
    Civil Engineering II LM23 2
    Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics
    Degree Level Class Duration
    Business Administration, Economics and Finance II LM77 2
    Mechanical Engineering II LM33 2
    Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics
    Degree Level Class Duration
    Applied Data Science II LMDATA 2
    Computer and Systems Engineering II LM32 2
    Computer Science II LM18 2
    Control systems and automation engineering II LM25 2
    Mathematical Engineering II LM44 2
    Mathematical Modelling II LM44 2
    Mathematics II LM40 2
    Telecommunications Engineering II LM27 2
    Department of Life, Health and Environmental Sciences
    Degree Level Class Duration
    Environmental Biology and Management of Ecosystems II LM6&LM75 2
    Neurosciences II LM6 2
    Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences
    Degree Level Class Duration
    Atmospheric Science and Technology II LM17 2
    Physics II LM17 2