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    Academic staff

    Full Professors
    Ciranna SimonettaICAR/18 - History of architecture
    D'Ovidio GinoICAR/05 - Transportation
    De Berardinis PierluigiICAR/10 - Architectural engineering
    Dell'Isola FrancescoICAR/08 - Structural mechanics
    Di Risio MarcelloICAR/02 - Hydraulic structures, maritime engineering and hydrology
    Dominici DonatellaICAR/06 - Surveying and mapping
    Fragiacomo MassimoICAR/09 - Structural engineering
    Luongo AngeloICAR/08 - Structural mechanics
    Morganti Renato Teofilo GiuseppeICAR/10 - Architectural engineering
    Romano BernardinoICAR/20 - Urban and regional planning
    Tallini MarcoGEO/05 - Engineering geology
    Associate Professors
    Alaggio RoccoICAR/08 - Structural mechanics
    Bellicoso AlessandraICAR/10 - Architectural engineering
    Brusaporci StefanoICAR/17 - Representation of architecture
    Colagrande SandroICAR/04 - Roads, railways and airports
    Colangelo FeliceICAR/09 - Structural engineering
    D'Annibale FrancescoICAR/08 - Structural mechanics
    De Matteis FedericoICAR/14 - Architectural and urban design
    Di Donato DaniloICAR/10 - Architectural engineering
    Di Egidio AngeloICAR/08 - Structural mechanics
    Di Giovanni GianniICAR/10 - Architectural engineering
    Di Ludovico DonatoICAR/21 - Urban design and landscape
    Ferretti ManuelICAR/08 - Structural mechanics
    Gregori AmedeoICAR/09 - Structural engineering
    Monaco PaolaICAR/07 - Geotechnics
    Quaresima RaimondoING-IND/22 - Materials science and technology
    Salvatori AntonelloICAR/09 - Structural engineering
    Todisco Maria TeresaICAR/01 - Hydraulics
    Tosone AlessandraICAR/10 - Architectural engineering
    Zulli DanieleICAR/08 - Structural mechanics
    Bosco GiovanniICAR/07 - Geotechnics
    Di Fabio FrancoICAR/09 - Structural engineering
    Di Nucci CarmineICAR/01 - Hydraulics
    Researchers (temporary position)
    Alicandro MariaICAR/06 - Surveying and mapping
    Bartolomucci CarlaICAR/19 - Conservation and restoration of architecture
    Casalotti ArnaldoICAR/08 - Structural mechanics
    Chiaradonna AnnaICAR/07 - Geotechnics
    Ciallella AlessandroICAR/08 - Structural mechanics
    De Dominicis FilippoICAR/14 - Architectural and urban design
    Di Nino SimonaICAR/08 - Structural mechanics
    Giorgio IvanICAR/08 - Structural mechanics
    Maiezza PamelaICAR/17 - Representation of architecture
    Marucci AlessandroICAR/20 - Urban and regional planning
    Olivieri CarloING-IND/31 - Electrical engineering
    Pasquali DavideICAR/02 - Hydraulic structures, maritime engineering and hydrology
    Rotilio MariannaICAR/10 - Architectural engineering
    Sciomenta MartinaICAR/09 - Structural engineering
    Scorzini Anna RitaICAR/02 - Hydraulic structures, maritime engineering and hydrology
    Spadi MarcoGEO/05 - Engineering geology
    Vailati MarcoICAR/09 - Structural engineering
    Zullo FrancescoICAR/20 - Urban and regional planning