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M&MOCS - International Research Centre on Mathematics and Mechanics of Complex Systems


The main issues and topics dealt with by the Centre relate to mathematical modeling, numerical implementation and testing of physical problems in the mechanics of complex systems. The following topics are of particular interest:

  • mechanics of fluids and solids
  • fluid dynamics and transport phenomena
  • kinetic theory and modeling of complex systems
  • vibration and waves in continuous and multi-phase media
  • mechanics, stability and control structures
  • identification of materials and mechanical systems
  • dynamic systems and bifurcation theory
  • fluid dynamic models for the traffic flow analysis and for the social sciences
  • numerical-differential modeling in the mechanics of biological materials and nanostructures
  • other branches of research, as foreseen in the agreements referred to in Regulations - article 4, paragraph 3.

The International Research Centre on Mathematics and Mechanics of Complex Systems has founded the homonymous journal Mathematics and Mechanics of Complex Systems, abbreviated MEMOCS, for the benefit of the community of researchers in mechanics and mathematics. MEMOCS is peer-reviewed, indexed in SCOPUS and in all major databases, and free to both authors and readers.

In 2015 M&MoCS entered the "International Associated Laboratories" network of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). The François Cosserat – Tullio Levi Civita International Associated Laboratory (LIA) - Coss&Vita was established by the laboratories of the Fédération Francilienne de Mécanique, Matériaux, Structures et Procédés (F2M) and the International Research Center for Mathematics and Mechanics of Complex Systems (M&MoCS).

The objective of the LIA Coss&Vita is to promote research and develop new applications to corroborate knowledge and expertise in the field of generalized continuum mechanics. The LIA aims at drawing attention to the mechanical engineering communities of Paris, Rome and L'Aquila using the experience gained to date by the respective groups in homogenization theory, statics and dynamics of heterogeneous media, multiphysics coupling, full–field measurement techniques and available computational mechanical methods.

The Center invites many Visiting Professors every year.

Consult their list divided into years.

Events organised by M&MOCS

General information
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Administrative office
Address Department of Civil, Construction-Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Via Giovanni Gronchi 18, Zona industriale di Pile, 67100 L'Aquila
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  Prof. Francesco dell'Isola