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Visiting Professors

The University of L'Aquila promotes and supports the role of Visiting Professors, Visiting Researchers and Visiting Fellows to enhance internationalisation as well as cultural and scientific development.

To this end, professors, researchers and high-profile scholars from foreign universities or research centres are encouraged to spend time in our institution, also on the basis of specific international agreements, in order to carry out teaching activities and seminars within our undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D courses.

Visiting Professors, Researchers and Fellows collaborate with teaching and research structures and carry out programmes that comply with our University's strategic objectives. They may also be nominated as members of university exam commissions and thesis assessment boards for degree and Ph.D courses.


List of selected Visiting Professors - 2020:

  • Alessandro Devoto (U.K.)
  • Alessandro Contento (U.S.A.)


List of selected Visiting Professors - 2019:

  • Celeste Marie Alfes (U.S.A.)
  • Giuseppe Di Giovanni (Malta)
  • Julie Dugdale (France)
  • Carlo Fischione (Sweden)
  • Tommaso Macrì (Brazil)
  • Anil Misra (U.S.A.)
  • Irina O. Rajewsky (Germany) – Department of Human Studies (Department of Excellence project)


List of selected Visiting Professors - 2018:

  • Breno Battistin Sebastiani (Brazil) – Department of Human Studies (Department of Excellence project)
  • Alessandro Contento (U.S.A.)
  • Mohammad Fakhroleslam (Iran)
  • Magne Friberg (Sweden)
  • Pierfrancesco Indelli (U.S.A.)
  • Jarosław Latalski (Poland)
  • Fernando Antonio Mendez Ferrada (Malta)
  • Martin Stumpf (Czech Republic)
  • Eugene Syriani (Canada)
  • Skender Topi (Albania)


List of selected Visiting Professors - 2017:

  • Marco Di Renzo (France)
  • Ralf Lämmel (Germany)
  • Tommaso Macrì (Brazil)
  • Pier Giorgio Mastroberardino (Netherlands)
  • Francesco Mercuri (Brazil)
  • Antonio Miguel Mora García (Spain)
  • Mustafa C. Pinar (Turkey)
  • Ramon G. Plaza (Mexico)
  • Ketan Ruparelia (United Kingdom)
  • Gang Zhang (China)


List of selected Visiting Professors - 2016:

  • Rolf Brandl (Germany)
  • Yuriy Yashchuk (Ukraine)
  • Ebrahim Babaei (Iran)
  • Muhammet Hilmi Nişanci (Turkey)
  • María del Mar Tavío Pérez (Spain)
  • André Bondi (U.S.A.)
  • Jegannathan Srinivasan (Turkey)


List of selected Visiting Professors - 2015:

  • Alain Kiennemann (France)
  • Jean-Paul Ryckaert (Belgium)
  • Kumbakonam R. Rajagopal (U.S.A.)
  • Alexander Karamanov (Bulgaria)
  • Gabriella Passacquale (United Kingdom)
  • Daniel Tennant (United Kingdom)
  • Mohammad Ali Khalili (Iran)
  • Ricardo Castarlenas (Spain)
  • Smrithi Rekha (India)


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