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    The DEWS (Design Methodologies of Embedded Controllers, Wireless Interconnect and Systems-on-chip) Centre of Excellence of the University of L’Aquila was established in 2001, upon approval of the MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research). Among the wide variety of research areas in the sphere of high technology, DEWS has focused on the use of advanced electronics in the interest of society.

    During the past five years DEWS has channelled its research towards solutions for design, implementation and management of Cyber-Physical Systems, systems containing "logical" control parts and "physical" parts which represent controlled systems, in particular towards wireless distributed control networks.

    The applications of such systems in our everyday lives are astounding, contributing to the improvement of our environment by reducing the risks of dangerous events and disasters such as fires and landslides; the employment of such systems can save lives by monitoring vital human functions in an unobtrusive way, help the elderly to lead more independent and enjoyable lives, and also improve the food we eat making it better and safer for our health. Such systems can also help us regulate traffic and manage both distribution and production of energy, and control our airports and stations.

    DEWS has fostered the growth of full cooperation among researchers of different scientific fields, essential for the achievement of specific research objectives in the field of wireless sensor networks such as, automatic control, electromagnetic fields, analogical and digital electronics, information technology and telecommunications.

    DEWS is part of the HYCON2 European Network of Excellence on hybrid systems and has established in-depth research collaboration with some of the most prestigious academic institutions world-wide (e.g. the University of California Berkeley, the Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm). DEWS has also established research cooperation on wireless systems with local companies, such as Selex Communications and Thales Communications. Within this collaboration framework, the Centre has acquired the ability to plan and manage projects of significant complexity concerning both the development of new methodologies and of industrial spin-offs (AQUILA WEST, a DEWS spin-off, is considered one of the best eight start-ups in Abruzzo).


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    De Santis Elena

    DepartmentInformation Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics
    AddressEdificio Renato Ricamo, via Vetoio, Coppito - 67100 L'AquilaVisualizza sulla Mappa
    Phone+39 0862434435
    Fax+39 0862434403

    Deputy Director

    Arbib Claudio

    DepartmentInformation Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics
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