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    Ockhamism and philosophy of time

    Ockhamism and philosophy of time

    A workshop about Ockhamism and philosophy of time will be held at the University of L'Aquila (Department of Human Studies, Viale Nizza 14, L’Aquila) on September 13th-14th 2018.


    The workshop aims to discuss various ways in which Ockhamism can be meant. In particular, the following three topics will be discussed:

    a) the thesis that sentences and propositions about the future have a definite truth value, without any ensuing commitment to determinism or fatalism;

    b) the idea that there are so-called soft facts, which would be the subject matter of sentences and proposition verbally about the present, but metaphysically about a later time, and which might change in the future;

    c) the problem whether the branching-time model needs to countenance a privileged branch (the so-called thin red line), in order to provide a semantic analysis in line with a).


    The workshop will also host two historians of Medieval philosophy with the purpose of investigating the way in which William of Ockham “in flesh and bone” and other Medieval philosophers construed time.


    You can find here the programme, the abstracts of each talk and some information about the conference venue.



    Alessio Santelli

    Giorgio Lando

    Website: https://sites.google.com/view/ockhamism-and-time