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Goal 8 - Decent work and economic growth

8 Decent work and economic growth

pdf format Report 2022-2023
pdf format Report 2020-2021



- 115 Course Units (allegato in formato pdf List)

- 3 Post-graduate vocational, specialization and LLL courses

- Family and Community Health Care Nursing

- Occupational Medicine Specialist (Qualifying) 

- Clinical Nursing for Intensive Care Units and Emergency


- 16 Publications (Scopus 2017-2021)

- 14 Projects (List format pdf List)

Third Mission and Social Engagement  

- 10 Projects (List format pdf List)

- 12 Spin Offs and Start Ups

Structures, Policies, Plans, Regulations:

- EX-EMERGE – Centre of EXcellence on Connected, Geo-localized and Cyber-secure vehicles

- CITRAMS - Sustainable Transport and Mobility Research Centre

- Incubatore di creatività

- Guarantee Act Committee (CUG)

- List format pdf Gender Equality Plan - GEP

- List format pdf Positive Actions Plan - PAP

- List format pdf Positive Actions Plan - PAP (updated)

- allegato in formato pdf Welfare and Well-being Plan

- Referent for Post-graduate Courses and Social Balance

- Referent for Prevention and Protection Activities

- Referent for the Creativity Incubator

- Referent for Career Guidance and Job Placement

- Initiatives to Support Staff with Disabilities

- SACS - Listening and Counselling Service