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ProMiSE Project 2.0

General Information
ProMiSE 2.0 is a project, active since 2016, launched thanks to the University’s awarding of a call for funding from the Ministry of Economic Development-Italian Patent and Trademark Office, aimed at strengthening and capacity building of the Technology Transfer Offices (TTO) of Italian universities and EPRs, through the placement of qualified personnel in the aforementioned offices.


  • Dr. Giulio Giorgi - Innovation Promoter
  • Dr. Massimo Parisse - Knowledge Transfer Manager
  • Eng. Patrizia Garofalo - Knowledge Transfer Manager


The services made available by the TTO, through the ProMISE project, are:

  • Scouting for results that can potentially be protected and/or exploited in a business perspective at University Departments, Centres of Excellence and Laboratories
  • Prior art search through the main public and commercial databases available to the University (Questel Orbit)
  • Drafting and filing of patents carried out independently by the Office (experimental service)
  • Promotion of the university technologies, through participation in trade fairs, establish contacts, and publication of technologies on focused marketplaces
  • Valorisation of the university's patent portfolio
  • Economic and financial advice to research groups for the foundation of university and academic spin-offs
  • Info-training on technology transfer and IP topics
  • Consultancy to academic and technical-administrative staff and University bodies on IP protection and management, in particular signing of agreements related to intellectual property and technology transfer(eg. on disclosure agreements, establishment of partnerships, etc.)
  • Preparation and review of University contracts (confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements, licence and option Agreements) concerning the protection, management and transfer of IP, in case of relations with third parties.
  • Free Intellectual Property Check-up Service, a completely free service for companies aimed at providing participating companies with useful suggestions for the protection and valorisation of Intellectual Property (IP)

Telephone: +39 0862432770