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    Academic staff

    Full Professors
    Amadori DeboraMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Antonelli FabioSECS-S/06 - Mathematical methods of economy, finance and actuarial sciences
    Arbib ClaudioMAT/09 - Operations research
    Buccella ConcettinaING-IND/32 - Power electronic converters, electrical machines and drives
    Castellani MarcoSECS-S/06 - Mathematical methods of economy, finance and actuarial sciences
    Cecati CarloING-IND/32 - Power electronic converters, electrical machines and drives
    Cortellessa VittorioINF/01 - Informatics
    Costantini StefaniaINF/01 - Informatics
    De Masi AnnaMAT/06 - Probability and statistics
    De Santis ElenaING-INF/04 - Systems and control engineering
    Di Benedetto Maria DomenicaING-INF/04 - Systems and control engineering
    Di Francesco MarcoMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Di Stefano GabrieleING-INF/05 - Information processing systems
    Donatelli DonatellaMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Engel Klaus Jochen OttoMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Frigioni DanieleING-INF/05 - Information processing systems
    Gabrielli DavideMAT/07 - Mathematical physics
    Graziosi FabioING-INF/03 - Telecommunications
    Inverardi PaolaINF/01 - Informatics
    Lattanzio CorradoMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Leonetti FrancescoMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Mignosi FilippoINF/01 - Informatics
    Muccini HenryINF/01 - Informatics
    Nelli BarbaraMAT/03 - Geometry
    Nolasco MargheritaMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Pelliccione PatrizioINF/01 - Informatics
    Pierantonio AlfonsoINF/01 - Informatics
    Pignotti CristinaMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Proietti GuidoINF/01 - Informatics
    Protasov VladimirMAT/08 - Numerical analysis
    Rossi FabrizioMAT/09 - Operations research
    Rubino BrunoMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Santucci FortunatoING-INF/03 - Telecommunications
    Scoppola Carlo MariaMAT/02 - Algebra
    Smriglio StefanoMAT/09 - Operations research
    Triacca UmbertoSECS-P/05 - Econometrics
    Associate Professors
    Alesii GiuseppeSECS-P/09 - Corporate finance
    Autili MarcoINF/01 - Informatics
    Bedulli LucioMAT/03 - Geometry
    Cassioli DajanaING-INF/03 - Telecommunications
    Cicerone SerafinoING-INF/05 - Information processing systems
    Colangeli MatteoMAT/07 - Mathematical physics
    D'Ambrosio RaffaeleMAT/08 - Numerical analysis
    D'Innocenzo AlessandroING-INF/04 - Systems and control engineering
    Della Penna GiuseppeINF/01 - Informatics
    Di Gennaro StefanoING-INF/04 - Systems and control engineering
    Di Marco AntiniscaINF/01 - Informatics
    Di Ruscio DavideINF/01 - Informatics
    Enea Maria Rosaria MAT/04 - Mathematics education and history of mathematics
    Fania Maria LuciaMAT/03 - Geometry
    Fedeli AlessandroMAT/03 - Geometry
    Gavioli NorbertoMAT/02 - Algebra
    Giuli MassimilianoSECS-S/06 - Mathematical methods of economy, finance and actuarial sciences
    Guerrieri AnnaMAT/02 - Algebra
    Manes CostanzoING-INF/04 - Systems and control engineering
    Nesi MonicaINF/01 - Informatics
    Pepe PierdomenicoING-INF/04 - Systems and control engineering
    Pilo LuigiFIS/02 - Theoretical physics, mathematical models and methods
    Pola GiordanoING-INF/04 - Systems and control engineering
    Serva MaurizioMAT/07 - Mathematical physics
    Tarantino LauraING-INF/05 - Information processing systems
    Tivoli MassimoINF/01 - Informatics
    Caianiello PasqualeINF/01 - Informatics
    Cimoroni Maria GabriellaMAT/08 - Numerical analysis
    De Gasperis GiovanniING-INF/05 - Information processing systems
    Forlizzi LucaINF/01 - Informatics
    Guarguaglini Francesca RomanaMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Macr MartaMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Melideo GiovannaINF/01 - Informatics
    Merola ImmacolataMAT/07 - Mathematical physics
    Minelli Ida GermanaMAT/06 - Probability and statistics
    Monaco GianpieroINF/01 - Informatics
    Pratesi MarcoING-INF/03 - Telecommunications
    Sampalmieri Rosella ColombaMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Researchers (temporary position)
    Barile GianlucaING-INF/01 - Electronic engineering
    Cicone AntonioMAT/08 - Numerical analysis
    D'Emidio MattiaING-INF/05 - Information processing systems
    De Iuliis VittorioING-INF/04 - Systems and control engineering
    Di Ferdinando MarioING-INF/04 - Systems and control engineering
    Di Marco PiergiuseppeING-INF/03 - Telecommunications
    Di Mascio TaniaING-INF/05 - Information processing systems
    Di Sanzo PierangeloINF/01 - Informatics
    Epicoco NicolaING-INF/04 - Systems and control engineering
    Eramo RominaINF/01 - Informatics
    Fagioli SimoneMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Giovannelli AlessandroSECS-S/01 - Statistics
    Leucci StefanoINF/01 - Informatics
    Manno AndreaMAT/09 - Operations research
    Marotta AndreaING-INF/03 - Telecommunications
    Nota AlessiaMAT/06 - Probability and statistics
    Persia FabioINF/01 - Informatics
    Pipoli GiuseppeMAT/03 - Geometry
    Rinaldi ClaudiaING-INF/03 - Telecommunications
    Scarinci TeresaMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Smarra FrancescoING-INF/04 - Systems and control engineering
    Spezialetti MatteoINF/01 - Informatics
    Spirito StefanoMAT/05 - Mathematical analysis
    Stella SalvatoreMAT/03 - Geometry
    Stilo GiovanniINF/01 - Informatics