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I and II level Specializing-Master courses 2021/2022 AY

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I and II level Specializing-master courses are postgraduate higher education specialization programmes, generally lasting one academic year. Graduates who have obtained a Master's level degree have access to both first and second level Specializing-master courses while those holding a three-year Bachelor's level degree only have access to first level courses.
Universities often offer Specializing-master courses in collaboration with other training institutions or firms and lessons are not necessarily held in Departments but often in other appropriate educational or training centre.
Limited admission and compulsory internship periods are normally foreseen.

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List of I and II level Specializing-master courses ordered by Department

Department of Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences
Title Level Duration
Molecular Diagnostics of Genetic, Tumorous and Infective Diseases I 1
Riabilitazione in chirurgia colorettale e proctologica I 1
Surgical Nursing for Operating Theatre Circulating Nurses and Robotic Technology Experts "Alessio Agnifili" I 1
Tecnico di interventi riabilitativi e di analisi del comportamento (ABA) nei disturbi dello spettro autistico I 1
Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Evidence-based Techniques for the Treatment of Autistic Spectrum Disorders II 1
Orthodontic and Gnathologic Therapy II 1
Skeletal Muscle Interventional Radiology II 1
Department of Civil, Construction-Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Title Level Duration
Post-catastrophe Technical and Administrative Management of Local Authorities I 1
Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics
Title Level Duration
Healthcare Management II 1
Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics
Title Level Duration
Mobile and Web Technologies I 1
Department of Life, Health and Environmental Sciences
Title Level Duration
Management for Coordinating Nursing and Midwifery, Rehabilitative, Technical and Preventive Health Professions (Qualifying) I 1
Clinical Nursing for Intensive Care Units and Emergency I 1
Neuro-Ophthalmology and Visual Neuro-Rehabilitation I 1
Obstetrics and Urogynecological Rehabilitation I 1
Tecnologie avanzate applicate alla medicina e ai sistemi biologici I 1
Emergenza e maxiemergenza in area critica II 1
Gender Medicine and Health: from Laboratory Research to Clinic and Healthcare Organisation II 1
Occupational Medicine Specialist (Qualifying) II 1
Psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology and Science of Integrated Treatment II 1
Sports Cardiology II 1