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University Museum Centre

The University Museum Centre (CAM) established through Rectoral Decree n. 117/2017, coordinates and promotes the activities organised by the University Museum (POMAQ), which holds the University's collections. It is managed by a Governing Committee and at present deals with:

  • managing the conservation and fruition of the University's museum and natural assets;
  • promoting acquisition of new museum materials;
  • promoting nationally and internationally recognised inventory, archiving and indexing standards;
  • promoting information dissemination also through integration with the national and international museum system;
  • promoting the safeguarding and enhancement of assets owned by, or used by the University, having historical, artistic, cultural, naturalistic, teaching and scientific value, also through agreements with private and public bodies;
  • coordinating appropriate displays of artefacts, especially for teaching purposes within the University, but also for a broader public, in particular in reference to schools and life-long learning programmes;
  • cooperating in organising specific training and updating programmes for museum personnel.


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Viale Nizza 14, 67100 L'Aquila




+39 0862432141 / +39 3398346869




+39 0862432124





 Governing Committee

Giovanna Millevolte      Responsible  
Alfonso Forgione  
Marco Di Francesco  

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