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Joint research

Universities and companies can collaborate on research projects of common interest involving the use of resources, skills or facilities of both parties.
Opportunities for joint research may arise within the sphere of funding calls for EU, national or regional resources, in which the university and one or more companies participate together as partners.

Benefits for companies

  • Access to national and international funding calls reserved for universities and companies
  • Access to innovations of excellence
  • Access to Univaq's network

Tax benefits

  • Deductibility and tax benefits for donations: funds transferred for research funding (contributions or donations), from Italian companies to universities are fully deductible from the payer's income, up to 2% of the declared business income.
  • New Patent Box (only in the case of patenting): optional taxation regime for business income deriving from the use of software protected by copyright, patents, designs and models, as well as processes, formulas and information relating to experience acquired in the industrial, commercial or scientific field that can be legally protected (Law 23 December 2014, no. 190, Article 1, paragraphs 37 to 45).


Activation modes
The joint research activity involves the signing of an agreement between the company and the university or the signing of a project proposal for participating in a funding call.

For information, please contact the office in charge.