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    General Director

    The General Director is responsible for all University offices and services and has the function of managing, directing and controlling technical-administrative staff, together with the task of assessing and controlling the activities carried out by Executive Officers.


    Dr. Pietro Di Benedetto


    Curriculum vitae et studiorum 


    Date of Birth

    26th August, 1962


    Qualifications and Professional Experience

    Law Degree - University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy


    Enrollment in the national register for members of Independent Evaluating Bodies established by decree of the Italian Ministry of Simplification and Public Administration on 2nd December, 2016


    1991-1997: Administrative Official - University of L'Aquila - Head of the Legal Matters, Contracts and Calls for Tender Division


    1994-1997: Registering Official - University of L'Aquila


    1997-1999: Management Training Course and Selection - Higher Institute of Public Administration - Presidency of the Council of Ministers


    2000-2001: Member of a Study Group appointed to review the National Lincean Academy Statute


    2000-2005: Head of the Accounting Division - University of L'Aquila


    2004-2011: Deputy Administrative Director - University of L'Aquila


    2005-2011: General Affairs Manager - University of L'Aquila


    Since 2006: Member of the CO.IN.FO (Inter-University Consortium for Training) Board of Administration


    2007-2011: Manager a.i. of the Teaching Department - University of L'Aquila


    2011-2012: Administrative Director - University of L'Aquila


    Since 2013: General Director - University of L'Aquila


    Since 2017: Member of the Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI) Evaluation Board



    Numerous teaching positions in training courses held for public administration officials and personel, and in particular for University administrative staff


    Scientific director of research projects - “Procedamus” and “Pruniss” issued by COINFO - focusing on University administrative procedures


    Scientific director of a training project entitled “Segreterie 2.1” issued by COINFO for University student-office personel


    Conference talks

    2007: XI Convegno Nazionale sulla Formazione del Personale tecnico-amministrativo delle Università – Genova 23rd November, 2007: “La valutazione delle ricadute della formazione continua: orientamenti ed esperienze a confronto: l’Università dell’Aquila”


    2009: Università degli Studi di Padova – VI conferenza organizzativa degli archivi delle Università italiane – Padova 28th October, 2009: “Il disaster recovery e l’archivio universitario dell’Università dell’Aquila”


    2011: Convegno “Il Digital Unisce” – Pescara 16th June, 2011, with prof. Fabio Graziosi: "Ex malo bonum: l'esperienza dell'Università dell'Aquila tra programmazione e gestione dell'emergenza"



    P. Di Benedetto, “La valutazione della formazione continua fra orientamenti teorici e realizzazioni pratiche: l’esperienza dell’Università dell’Aquila”, in “Le ricadute della formazione – significati, approcci, esperienze” edited by F. Bochicchio and F. Grassi, 2009, Casa editrice Amaltea, Melpignano (LE)


    P. Di Benedetto and G. Penzo Doria, “Le malattie endemiche del funzionario pubblico e la reingegnerizzazione dei procedimenti: il progetto Procedamus”, in “Filodiritto” online journal of law, 20th April, 2011


    P. Di Benedetto and G. Penzo Doria, “Nuove e vecchie frontiere per l’amministrazione digitale: dal disaster recovery alla renovatio et reintegratio”, in “Filodiritto” online journal of law, 18th May, 2011


    Language Skills

    Good knowledge of English


    Computer Skills

    Office, Visio



    Address: Palazzo Camponeschi, piazza Santa Margherita 2, 67100 L'Aquila

    Phone: ++39 0862432040