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Intellectual property transfer

The university has a patent portfolio (of patented technologies), publicly accessible on the Knowledge-share platform, in following areas:

Companies can acquire a patented technology through:

  • Licence agreements, which allow the licensor company to commercially exploit the invention (which remains property of the University), by paying a fee that may include alump sum, fixed or variable quotas (royalties or fees). The agreement may provide for exclusive or non-exclusive use of the invention, in one or more territories or fields of use;
  • Transfer agreements, in wich the patent owneship is transferred from the university to the company against payment of an agreed sum, and the company may exploit it directly, transfer or license it to third parties. The contractual terms are established by negotiation between the parties.


Activation procedure
An interested company can send a request for contact and further information on the University's patents and technologies through:

  • email of the Technology Transfer Office:;
  • Knowledge-share platform contact form after registration.


Benefits for companies

  • Access to innovative and protected technologies
  • Reduction of time to achieve innovation and competitive advantage
  • Start of collaborations with research groups for further R&D

Tax benefits
Deductibility and tax benefits for donations: funds transferred for research funding (contributions or donations), from Italian companies to universities are fully deductible from the payer's income, up to 2% of the declared business income.