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Bachelorís and Masterís level degree courses 2016/2017 AY

Three-year undergraduate academic degree courses (Bachelor’s level or First cycle degree) strive to provide students with an understanding of the methods and general scientific content of the subjects studied. A degree is awarded upon completion of 180 credits (ECTS) including a final examination.
Graduates may then continue for two more years to obtain a Master’s level (Second cycle) degree. Master’s level degree courses provide advanced academic study programmes designed to prepare students for high qualified positions in specific sectors. The student is required to earn 120 credits (ECTS) during the two-year period and present an original thesis under the guidance of a course professor.
There are also single-cycle Master’s level degree programmes (not divided into first-level Bachelor’s followed by two years of Master’s level study) which are regulated by EU guidelines and require the student to follow a 5/6 year Master’s level academic programme. In this case a student earns 300 credits in five years or 360 credits in 6 years and presents a final thesis upon completion of ECTS requirements.
Some of our courses are international degree courses, meaning that students will be required to carry out parts of their study programme in foreign universities. These courses confer double, multiple and joint degrees. To see our international degree courses only, click here.
Some of our courses are held entirely in English while others offer certain course units in English if foreign students are enrolled.

  • Click on Degree course title to get information on the course.
  • Click on Department name to see the Department profile.

Order degree courses by: Department - Title


List of Bachelor’s and Master’s level courses ordered by Department

Department of Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences
Degree Level Class Duration
Applied Psychological Sciences I L24 3
Biomedical Laboratory Techniques I L/SNT3 3
Biotechnologies I L2 3
Physiotherapy I L/SNT2 3
Sport and Physical Activity Sciences I L22 3
Techniques in Radiology Imaging and Radiotherapy I L/SNT3 3
Adaptive and Preventive Sport Sciences II LM67 2
Applied Clinical and Health Psychology II LM51 2
Medical Biotechnologies II LM9 2
Molecular and Cellular Biotechnologies II LM9 2
Rehabilitation Sciences for Health Professions II LM/SNT2 2
Science of Technical and Diagnostic Health Professions II LM/SNT3 2
Sport Sciences and Techniques II LM68 2
Department of Civil, Construction-Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Degree Level Class Duration
Civil & Environmental Engineering I L7 3
Civil Engineering II LM23 2
Engineering for the Environment and Territory II LM35 2
Conctruction-Architectural Engineering II-CU LM4 5
Department of Human Studies
Degree Level Class Duration
Humanities I L10 3
Linguistic and Cultural Mediation I L12 3
Philosophy and Communicative Process Theory I L5 3
Science of Education and Social Services I L19&L39 3
Cultural Heritage II LM89 2
Literary and Cultural Studies II LM14 2
Philosophy II LM78 2
Planning and Management of Socio-educational Intervention and Services II LM87 2
Science of Primary Education II-CU LM85 bis 5
Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics
Degree Level Class Duration
Business and Legal Consultant I L14 3
Economics and Business Administration I L18 3
Industrial Engineering I L9 3
Chemical Engineering II LM22 2
Electrical Engineering II LM28 2
Electronic Engineering II LM29 2
Management Engineering II LM31 2
Management, Economics and Finance II LM77 2
Mechanical Engineering II LM33 2
Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics
Degree Level Class Duration
Computer Science I L31 3
Information Engineering I L8 3
Mathematics I L35 3
Computer Science II LM18 2
Engineering for Telecommunications II LM27 2
Information and Automation Engineering II LM32 2
Mathematical Engineering II LM44 2
Mathematics II LM40 2
Department of Life, Health and Environmental Sciences
Degree Level Class Duration
Biological Sciences I L13 3
Dental Hygiene I L/SNT3 3
Environmental Science and Technology I L32 3
Neuro-Psychomotor Therapy in Developmental Age I L/SNT2 3
Nursing I L/SNT1 3
Nutrition and Dietetics I L/SNT3 3
Obstetrics I L/SNT1 3
Occupational Therapy I L/SNT2 3
Orthotics and Ophthalmology Assistance I L/SNT2 3
Prevention Techniques for the Environment and the Workplace I L/SNT4 3
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques I L/SNT2 3
Environmental Biology and Management of Ecosystems II LM6&LM75 2
Health and Nutrition Biology II LM6 2
Nursing and Obstetric Sciences II LM/SNT1 2
Sciences of Health Professions for Prevention II LM/SNT4 2
Sciences of Health Professions for Technical Assistance II LM/SNT3 2
Dentistry II-CU LM46 6
Medicine and Surgery II-CU LM41 6
Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences
Degree Level Class Duration
Chemistry and Materials Sciences I L27 3
Physics I L30 3
Chemistry II LM54 2
Physics II LM17 2
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