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Alumni Association of the University of L'Aquila

The Association of former students of the University of L'Aquila, founded on March 16, 2015, is apolitical and non-denominational and pursues, in agreement with the University, the mission of being a positive force in society capable of mobilising the best energy and strengths of those who have grown professionally and culturally within the University. The Association wants to create an alumni community that will contribute, through projects, activities, studies and exchanges, to the development and enhancement of the University, the students and civil society. In carrying out its mission, the Association will promote the development of cultural and professional relations between its members in order to enhance and strengthen its membership base and will strive to maintain contact between students, members and the University.

In order to achieve its social aim, the Association shall:

  • implement cultural initiatives, also of professional, artistic, recreational and sport-related interest, in order to spread the values of independence, ethics, transparency, freedom of expression, equality, solidarity and promotion of diversity, attention to merit and the development of individual skills, professionalism and striving for quality, social responsibility;
  • promote the exchange of experiences and networking among alumni;
  • collaborate both with the academic authorities to encourage a continuous development of the University, and with the organizational structures to improve and enhance information services for students, alumni and members;
  • provide support, including material support, for the development projects of the University with particular reference to the following areas: education, students (Undergraduate courses, Master’s, Ph.Ds, other courses), research, relations with the economic community;
  • promote donations from individual members in favor of the University, with the aim of creating the conditions for a continuing collection of resources;
  • help give visibility and prestige on a national and international level to the University , also through awards and merits;
  • arrange for the realization of exclusive services for members.


For further information and to join the Association consult the corresponding page on the Italian version of the site.