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Services for the disabled

Vice Rector for disability services

Vaccarelli Alessandro

DepartmentHuman Studies
AddressEdificio Ernesto Pontieri, viale Nizza 14 - 67100 L'AquilaVisualizza sulla Mappa
Phone+39 0862432117
Fax+39 0862432170


The University of L'Aquila is dedicated to integrating disabled students into every part of university life. Social aspects, living with other students and group gatherings are all, in fact, unique moments making up the cultural and emotional background gained by a university student.

In this perspective university policies strive to eliminate barriers – not only architectural ones but also those hindering socialization and learning – in order to offer equal study opportunities.

To this end an University committee for disabilities made up of professors, technical-administrative staff and student representatives was established to offer assistance to our disabled students and to discuss strategies and issues to be addressed and taken before the university governing bodies. The committee guarantees specialized tutoring services for students with disabilities and also provides materials and adequate support.


Who can ask the committee for support and assistance?

Students with various disabilities may apply for support: motor disabilities; sensory visual disabilities; hearing disabilities; language disorders; chronic illnesses such as cardiac disease, asthma.

Every student who applies for support will be assessed individually.

In order to ensure that disabled students can fully take part in all aspects of university life, a number of benefits are provided for them upon request: exemption from the total amount of tuition fees for students with permanent certified disability (equal or more than 66%) irrespective of income or merit; reductions on their second installment payment for students with a permanent certified disability ranging from 33% to 65%.


You can get other information about support services for disabled students on our Italian portal. 


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