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    International mobility

    International relations office

    General information
    Address Palazzo Camponeschi, piazza Santa Margherita 2, 67100 L'AquilaVisualizza sulla Mappa

      Ludovici Fausta
    Phone +39 0862432762 / +39 3351503727
    Fax +39 0862431217

    Di Medio Antonella +39 0862432767
    Gentile Marina +39 0862432759
    Imperatori Alessandra +39 0862432769
    Scarsella Doriana +39 0862432089

    Office hours, Contacts

    Mon. - Wed. - Fri. (9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.)
    The administrative procedures are carried out by remote. For specific matters that request your presence, you can ask for an appointment by e-mail ( and wait for the answer.


    Outgoing students:
    Mobility for study: +39 0862432758, +39 0862432715
    Mobility for traineeship: +39 0862432759


    Incoming students
    Erasmus mobility from European Countries: +39 0862432767
    Mobility from non European Countries And International Credit Mobility: +39 0862432769



    University Erasmus Commission

    Rubino Bruno



    Di Ludovico Donato


    Department of Civil, Construction-Architectural and Environmental Engineering

    Nesi Monica


    Department of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics

    Anatone Michele


    Department of Industrial and Information Engineering and Economics

    Barbonetti Arcangelo


    Department of Life, Health and Environmental Sciences

    Di Giulio Antonio


    Department of Biotechnological and Applied Clinical Sciences

    Berejiani Zourab


    Department of Physical and Chemical Sciences

    Vogt Barbara Maria


    Department of Human Studies

    Rea Gianluca


    Student representative

    Bianchi Angelica


    Student representative

    Ludovici Fausta


    Head of International relations office